Let's Cultivate a Strawberry
with Granddaughter !

Making Happy Memories
With Granddaughter

Would you like to become granddaughter teacher and make happy memories that will help her life, when the granddaughter becomes an elementary school student?

"Happy Memories" means that you become her teacher and tell her about your rules of thumb and  knowledge that will help her in her life, and that it is time you and she spent together.

Privilege to see the smile of your granddaughter

If you want to meet her, but you don't have an excuse for her and you feel like you can't feel free to meet her, you don't have to hesitate anymore. The teacher is responsible for teaching her students on a regular basis, and since you are her teacher, you can even meet every week.

You can talk to her granddaughter so that it doesn't become a monotonous topic. Simply meeting will be monotonous, but playing the role of her teacher will allow you to speak so she won't get bored.

A sense of fulfillment as a grandfather and a teacher

Using the materials we provide, you will create a cultivation system for growing strawberries with your granddaughter. The materials contain contents that are difficult for her age, so you will be her reliable teacher for her.

One of the teacher's essential mission is to give student a learning habit. Of course, what she learn is your rules of thumb that will help her to live a better life. However, it is just as important to get into the habit of learning from our seniors, not just learning the knowledge.

Strawberry cultivation system development teaching materials

Compared to the programming materials used in elementary school, it is structured so that you can experience advanced content comparable to professional specifications.

Strawberries are easy to understand how they are grown, and your granddaughter can eat strawberry picks and sweet and sour strawberries. Cultivation of strawberries is easy to motivate her to challenge and is suitable as a teaching material.


How was it?

I hope you understand the benefits of becoming a granddaughter teacher. The strawberry cultivation system development teaching materials are structured to make the teacher stand out, and it is good to talk about your rules of thumb and experiences like old stories during breaks in system development.

Use the teaching materials to make happy memories with your granddaughter.


How is it different from other similar services?

Reality-oriented teaching materials that tickle children's curiosity!

Usually, children's teaching materials are based on the premise that children can study by themselves, and are almost harmless oriented, limited in various aspects and eliminating complicated parts.On the other hand, this teaching material is premised on learning according to the guidance of the teacher, and is reality-oriented, modeled on the industrial system. The teaching materials are not parts like toys, but daily necessities and scraps. Since children want to use the ones for adults, it is also an advantage that they are easy to be interested in.

There is no other reality-oriented teaching material on the theme of developing a strawberry cultivation system.
The teaching materials for programming to make robots cover the range until the robots are operated, while the teaching materials for cultivation system development cover the production stages from strawberry cultivation to harvesting. Then, by combining the teaching materials in the production phase with the teaching materials in the processing phase and the sales phase, it becomes a teaching material for learning the supply chain system. There is no other teaching material for supply chain systems.
For these reasons, the biggest difference from other teaching materials is that the teaching materials are based on the supply chain system, so the grandfather can become a granddaughter teacher and provide a place to convey the grandfather's rules of thumb and wisdom to the granddaughter.

Developer : Dr. Kaga, Yoshitaka

The teaching material developer got a job to an airline company(ANA) after graduating Kanagawa University. He has not only system development experience, but also a wide range of work experience, managerial positions, experience of an entrance interview examiner, experience of independent entrepreneurship, and qualification as a doctorate of social engineering. He works still active. 
Favorite things: development, ham radio, astronomical photography, audio, plant cultivation, computer related, travel, foreign language conversation, research


Graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kanagawa University in 1989.
In the same year he joined All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
2002 BRUNEL University (UK) Computer and Electronics ENG. Postgraduate Diploma.
2005 Kanazawa Institute of Technology Graduate School, Department of Intellectual Creation Systems, Master of Engineering.
2011 Doctor of Engineering, Department of Social Engineering, Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
2013 Leaves All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
In the same year, he established Neo Career Promote Co., Ltd. and became CEO.
2014 Part-time lecturer at Kanagawa University
Until now.

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The teaching material consists of the following contents.

  • Guide Text
  • Guide Video
  • Teacher's Guidebook and Appendices

The table of contents of the teaching materials for each phase is as follows.



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